Startups: this magazine can be worth as much as US $1.000.000

30 de março de 2016

If you have a good idea, if you’re an entrepreneur and you believe you can triumph, apply for an immediate money prize of 45 000 Euros for your startup with this special edition of SÁBADO - in a partnership with The New York Times – now on the newsstands!

This special edition of SÁBADO - published in a partnership with The New York Times - is something unprecedented. It provides a unique opportunity for Portuguese entrepreneurs to benefit from the exclusive support of a dedicated manager in their application to Fast Track funds, as well as the chance to earn an immediate money prize of US $ 50,000 (45,000 Euros) and ensure an investment of up to US $ 1 million (750,000 Euros) per project.

The Tom Cruise of Uniplaces

Portugal Startups: Uniplaces Tom Cruise

Exclusive videos
SÁBADO challenged four of the most prominent Portuguese entrepreneurs to incarnate known characters from science fiction movies. The difference is that these characters only lived on film and these people have become heroes in the flesh of the business world.

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