The deported veterans of America

They fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. After being honorably discharged they found out that they were not citizens as they thought they were: they were convicted of aggravated felonies and were deported. Now they struggle to come back alive

It's been 16 years since Hector Barajas left the American military. Even so, the act of wearing the blue uniform and putting on the bordeaux beret of the paratroopers continues to be, for him, a ritual. A methodical sequence of gestures so often repeated. He begins by carefully aligning the badge with his last name before attaching it to the right side of the coat lapel. He does the same with the armed forces insignias, which he places on the shoulders. He proceeds with the medals earned during his seven years of active service: four in the army, three in paratroopers. He places them on the left side and gives them a last once-over with a soft cloth to make sure they are shiny and unmarked, while hanging on the left side of his chest. When everything is ready, he straightens the tie and removes the coat - which bears the marks of time - from the hanger ina recess in the wall. "I love the United States, I'm proud to wear this uniform," he says to SÁBADO while dressing it carefully. 

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